It’s Crunchy, Nutritious, All-Natural,made with Fage Greek Yogurt
Super-Flavorful AND does a Greek Dance Right In Your Mouth
With Every Delicious Bite!…

All Granola Lovers,

Gourmet Greek Granola

Gourmet Greek Granola

All of my customers have been asking me about my Delicious, All Natural Greek Granola.And after hearing your many requests, I have finally created a way for you to enjoy it whenever you want…Just stay with me here and let me tell you my how my granola became the World’s Greekiest Granola that will ever land on your taste-buds…This recipe was created over

Gourmet Greek Granola

As a young girl growing up in a Greek household, snacking took on a whole new meaning compared to the, Potato Chips, Pretzels, and Candy that my friends snacked on.

What could be so different about snacks in a Greek Household?

Ok… let’s see now…

There were dried figs, dried dates, apricots, dried chick peas and golden raisins just to name a few…

I remember my father sitting in his chair every night reading the newspaper and always having a package of dried figs or dried dates next to him.

Then there was my Mom who mixed candied oranges with dried apricots and figs on New Years for Good Luck.And my mother-in-law always had a bowl of dried roasted chick peas and golden raisins in a bowl as a snack and sometimes added walnuts or almonds.

Everyone knows the Mediterranean diet is a good, healthy diet that includes nuts, grains and fruits. So we always felt better about snaking on all these natural ingredients rather than the normal, everyday, high-calorie empty-nutrition snacks.

And, many Greeks are familiar with these natural snacks that were a staple in their homes growing up.

But EVERYONE loves granola even if you’re not Greek!… Right?…

Yet, no one has ever put all these exact ingredients together and …

Comblined Them In Such A Special Way!
Into This Secret Blend Of Oats!
AND Turned These Favorites Into A Delicious Hearty Greek Granola!… that makes it…

The World’s Greekiest Greek Granola That Everyone Loves!

YES!… and now YOU can enjoy it too…
You can eat it as a Cereal with Almond Milk, mix it with Greek Yogurt and Fresh Fruit or nibble on it right out of the bag!…

And Now The Great News Is…

It’s easy to get my
Greek Granola

Let Me Tell You How…

Simply click and order below to share in the experience of this mouth-watering Greek Granola that your whole family will love and adore…

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Chef Steff!

P.S. You’ll love it and I can’t wait to hear what you think! Let me know after you taste it.

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