Phyllo Pizza ~ Butternut Squash, Red Onion, Bacon & Feta October 6, 2016


      Phyllo Pizza Crust Topped with Butternut Squash, Red Onion, Bacon, Spinach,                              Ricotta laced Mozzarella and & a Sprinkle of Feta Cheese

 Phyllo Pizza with Butternut Squash  10-6-16 Phyllo Pizza with Butternut Squash  10-6-16Pizza could not get any better than this……Phyllo is always associated with sweets like Baklava…..But Pizza on a Phyllo crust is so amazing, light and crispy and then you top it with some healthy favorites like roasted butternut squash and spinach!!! Ok, I did through in some bad toppings like bacon and 3 three cheeses……But really guys it is a Pizza….LOL! So make this for a Holiday Appetizer or a perfect side dish for a Party….

Of course you can topp with any toppings you want and I am sure this Pizza will still be delicious!

Greek Pizza on Phyllo Crust

 Serving Size: 2 Pizzas                     Servings: 8-16  (Appetizer)

1   large Roasted Butternut Squash (peeled cored and diced in small 1/2 “pieces)

1   large  red onion (cut into wide slices)

4-6 Tbsp. olive oilPhyllo Pizza with Butternut Squash  10-6-16 Phyllo Pizza with Butternut Squash  10-6-16

Salt and pepper

1  pound bacon cooked and diced into small pieces

3  cups Baby Spinach

1  32 oz ricotta cheese

2  cups mozzarella shredded

1   tbsp. onion powder or granulated onion

1  pound Feta crumbled

1  pound of Phyllo dough (box)

2 sticks of butter

2 eggs( beat eggs well)Phyllo Pizza with Butternut Squash  10-6-16 Phyllo Pizza with Butternut Squash  10-6-16



Preheat oven to 400 degrees, and in a large bowl toss together the butternut squash and the onion slices in the olive oil. Then spread the mixture in a single layer on a baking sheet. Season with salt and pepper, roast  for about 30 minutes, flipping about halfway through.

While vegetables are roasting, cook bacon and remove when crispy and drain on paper towel. Mix  together the ricotta and the mozzarella with the onion powder

Melt butter and mix with beaten eggs, open phyllo and lay out on table. You will need approximately 9-10 sheets per pizza. Begin to butter sheets on at a time with the butter/egg mixture. Make sure you go to the ends and sides. Fold in all side about 1/2 inch to form crust. Brush again with egg/butter mixture so it stays in place. Do not brush the very last layer with butter/egg mixture. Brush top layer with olive oil to ends where crust is.

Place in a 350 degree oven for ten minutes, remove from oven, turn the oven up to 375 degrees and spread half of the ricotta/mozzarella mixture on top and spread evenly to ends. Next top with half of baby spinach, then sprinkle the bacon evenly over top and then sprinkle the squash/onion mixture on top. Lastly, sprinkle crumbled feta evenly over the top Place back in the oven until the cheeses melt and brown slightly


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